Surf getaway at a PNG Surf Camp

Travel to Papua New Guinea and enjoy a surfing holiday at a PNG surf camp.

Papua New Guinea boasts a number of amazing surf regions and a surf trip to this destination equals one of the ultimate surfing holidays. The culture, the people and of course the waves make it a memorable experience wanting you to go back each year.

Papua New Guinea is referred to as surfing’s last frontier. When on a PNG surf holiday you can expect consistent waves, no crowds, tropical warm water and PNG surf camps in remote and exotic locations. Enjoy amazing waves in Papua New Guinea during the the surf season (October – April), with all PNG surf camps offering a wide selection of breaks in close proximity. With the surf management plan in place, limiting the number of visiting surfers to each region, on most days you will be surfing with just your mates and possibly a few friendly locals. What more do you want?

We are a surf tour operator and work closely with all established PNG surf camps.

A surfing holiday at a PNG surf camp is an experience not to be missed! Join us on a PNG surf trip.


PNG Surf camp, surfing Papua New Guinea


Join us on a PNG surfing adventure at the secluded and remote Lissenung Island Resort. Let us take you surfing in Kavieng, located in the beautiful New Ireland Province, where you can enjoy consistent, uncrowded waves.

PNG Surf camps, surfing Papua New Guinea


Travel to the last frontier of surfing Papua New Guinea, one of the most remote and undiscovered surf destinations. Take a surf trip to Vanimo and stay at a PNG surf camp with waves breaking at your doorstep.